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Our Story

“I had never been that close to death and actually be in a position to do
something about it.”—Damon Davis


The Birth of a Vision

Love Universal was born in the wake of a life changing business trip for CEO Damon Davis.  Damon is a recognized leader in marketing and development for a number of the globe’s most prominent non-profits. While filming a documentary with Dikembe Mutombo featuring his hand in building the first modern hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital, Damon found himself rolling up his sleeves and getting involved in a real life rescue.

During filming, the team encountered Jean Simone, an orphan at a local home for abandoned children who had been badly burned and crippled.  His wounds were still open and he had been making brooms to make money to eat.  Damon recognized the extreme situation and said that Mutombo plainly stated, “This is why we are here.”

In regions like these, if you want surgery, you have to bring your own medicine, your own scalpel and your own doctor. This is the standard medical offering. Oftentimes if they can’t afford to pay the bill, families are left with no resolve and the child dies.

Damon and his crew extended their stay and worked with Mutombo to identify a doctor and funded the child’s surgery.  Jean Simone is now walking and living a normal life.

In the following months we were faced with a pivotal meeting between Damon and Carlos Vargas, founder of Hope of Life in Guatemala, an organization that rescues more than 1,000 babies every year.  Vargas explained that the cause is too great a feat and the government is doing everything they can but there are some extreme locations and situations that the Vargas can’t get to alone and would require help.  Our entire team felt called to the effort.

We assembled a team for the mission and began a dual effort to deliver a force on the ground in Guatemala and develop a team back at home to drive it.  Plans for a movement began to take shape and in order to support continued humanitarian efforts Love Universal was created.

While there are many organizations doing great work around the globe, for many reasons these groups aren’t able to get to extreme locations and conditions.  Our goal is to assemble more teams like the one in Guatemala to join these organizations with the same vision.

The 30-member team brings 40 years of experience to the table within the advertising, marketing and broadcasting services sector.  The project came naturally and married with our passion for humanitarianism, birthed a mission dedicated to help give a voice to those in need through the power of media.